SPECIAL KIDS TIME offers a wide range of possibilities internationally

Whether you have a special child:
in the family,
in the kindergarten group,
in the classroom,
in the club,
in treatment or
have in therapy sessions,

you will find support, advice, training and individual help with us.

The well-being of children is of course the top priority at SPECIAL KIDS TIME! The most important thing for us is that the child immediately feels comfortable with us. It does not have to fit in any drawer, in any pattern. Every child is and should stay unique!

In particular, we are specialize in:

Autism spectrum disorders
developmental delays
behavioral problems(especially aggression and autoaggression)
Learning disorders
Equine Assistance Activities EAA
Equine Assistance Therapy EAT

We are working with an advanced and succesful method developed by Yvonne Baier. It links creative ideas and approaches from around the world. The development department is supported by a team of experts from various fields of medicine, technology, sociology, etc.

Always individually tailored to the needs, we pick up the child where it is in its development process. We quickly and unbureaucratically find individual solutions and support you on site during implementation.

Having been successfully used and proven internationally for many years, we offer many new impulses not only to the child, but also to parents, family members, teachers, educators, doctors and therapists.

The main focus is on the playful promotion of perception and ability areas.

We offer the optimal tools to achieve the greatest possible independence, self-confidence and self-confidence, to let them go their own way, as well as to fully exploit the strengths of their own potential.

We look forward to good cooperation!